To Prevent Disease

Disease is not an accident or by chance. Like effect, knowing the cause and effect theory, disease must the cause. Some of them are the ROOT causes and others might be the ROUTE causes.

If we could know the above mentioned causes, then for sure, we can stop the development of the disease within the body.

It is better to teach the people about preventives than drugging them at illness; as said by Dr. Josiah Oldfield (1863 - 1953), the first chairman of 'The Vegetarian Federal Union, UK.

At Aum Heals, educating the masses about Health, Disease and their preventives is our prime virtue and the expansion of our title itself.

To Attain Health

As discussed some where within this website, Health is the virtue of the body by nature. There is no way to acquire it by force from some other source, other than removing the hurdles called toxin or morbid matter from the body, which ultimately causing disease (dis-ease) within it.

As said by the Hippocrates, the father of Medicines, "Disease is not an entity, but a fluctuating condition of the patient's body, a battle between the substance of disease and the natural self-healing tendency of the body”.

We, at Aum HEALS, are well versed with the know-hows and the technics to detoxify the body only but, the mental plane too. Clearing morbid out, we attain the ultimate, the health.

To Retain Health

Retaining of the health is much easier than to the attain it, if once lost by anyway. But, it takes your routine-scheduled-time to do so. If the means and modes, which are implemented to attain the health, are applied gently with the special focus related to the treated diseases; then achieving the target of Health-Retetion is not an big issue.

If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health; as said by Hippocrates

We, at Aum HEALS, besides, provide the right direction for health attainment, provide the routine body servicing plan to make you to retain your health, simply.

Health Rebooter

To complete the above mission (not operation) we have a tech-tool (Mobile App), called as Health Rebooter. It is primarily meant to communicate about the treatment and the feedback reports between our healers and the user on daily basis.

The flow of information does include the Pro-Healing acts, treatments, diet plan and the lifestyle improvements etc.; along with the prayer therapy to the Mother Nature.

Functions of Health Rebooter:

  • Being Handy tool, it is
    • Accessible throughout the day to know the treatments and diet etc.
    • Easy to record & report the problems
    • Saves time, as the user does not need to consult the healer on phone all the time.
  • Convenient to the user as, whenever & wherever, one can be in touch with the healer.
  • Prompt feed: As all the required information, the user needs to furnish, are available on the screen; he just have to click on radio buttons and submit.
  • It proves to be all time handy instructor to guide the user to let him know how to perform an activity, more so, in a perfect way.
  • Keeps all the records,
    • Which enables the healers to be more efficient and accurate for the suggestion of testament.
    • Which makes the user to pin point the activities, diet and/or other reasons to know their effect on the disease & health more particularly.