Philosophy of Healing


From the day one of the creation of the human being or living being till date, the species have been bearing the pain of wear and tear or injuries. Since then the mindful creation have been searching and researching to find out the causes and the remedies thereof. Theories after theories and systems after systems did develop, but the nature and its process had remained same throughout, as these is today and would remain forever.

As higher as the standard of the civilisation did grow, the research & know how on the diseases and their causes were also explored. Disease- as the act of God, Angels, Imbalance, Germs or Virus etc.- were declared and treated accordingly. Every approach did have its own logic, own experience and own philosophy.

Ancient Schools of Medicines

But none of these was in denial to some force within body which heals. As none of these theories were dare to say or to prove that a dead could be cured, treated, recovered or revered to life.

All know that even the wears & tears of the dead could be ‘Healed’ as it is for the living being, who can ‘Heal’ itself, even without some special care, medicine, act or system. What it take, is the time only to ‘Heal”.

Ayurveda theory is based upon the imbalance of Vatta, Pitta and Kuff; Unani on imbalance of 1,2 and 3; Chinese on imbalance of 5 basic elements ( wood, fire, earth, metal & water) or imbalance Yin-Yang energy and so on.

Element Based : Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, the human body is composed of four basics, i.e. Dosha, Dhatu, Mala & Agni. These are made of 4 Elements i.e. Air, Fire, Water & Earth. Ether is just the space, is not considered here.

Dhatu: Dhatu (7 types) to provide the basic nutrition to the body and it helps in the growth and structure of mind.

Mala: Mala (3 types) are mainly the waste products of the body excreted from it and essential to maintain the health.

Agni: Agni he biological fire of the body, can be termed as the various enzymes present in the elementary canal, liver and the tissue cells.

Dosha: Dosha (3 Types) are to regulates and control the metabolism, are : Vatta (Air + Fire), Pitta (Fire + Water) & Kapha (Water + Earth).

Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM)

Five Elements = Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water. (Ether and Air being the subtlest from of standard elements are not considered as the physical elements, rather Wood & Metal, which are the fine form of earth are being considered here).

Among five basic element, Fire being the central point and Air & Ether are on the left side and Water & Earth being on its right side of the scale. The elements go from subtlest form to Grossest form (from left to right) on the scale.

Yin & Yang are another form of representing five basic elements. If the reading goes to left side of the scale, it is called as YIN side (brighter side) and if it moves otherwise (right side), it is called as YANG side (darker side).

Unani Medicines

Unani Medicines Theory is based upon the principles, where everything, especially to the human body is made of basic elements. The specification and other parameters of the system are given below in brief:

Four Elements : Air, Fire, Water & Earth. (Ether of standard elements is just the space, so not considered as element here)

Four Natures : Hot, Cold, Wet & Dry

Four Humors :

  • Blood (which is Hot/Wet)
  • Phlegm (which is Cold/Wet)
  • Yellow Bile (which is Hot/Wet)
  • Black Bile (Which is Cold/Dry)

Modern Medicines

Modern Medicines are based on pathogenesis (Germs, Bacteria or Virus etc.) but, modern medicine say that not all get effected because other factors like the resistance, immunity, age, and nutritional state of the person exposed, as well as virulence or toxicity of the agent and the level of exposure, all play a role in determining whether disease develops or not.

Modern Medicine is considers only the grossest form of the things totally and have almost zero interest in the subtlest forms of the matter. However, Albert Einstein proved that all matter is the form of energy and vice versa (E = mc2); but this theory of physics is not yet applied in chemistry-based modern medicines for the treatment.