We are Different

Hippocrates (Father of Medicines) said,"As to diseases, make a habit of two things — to help, or at least, to do no harm".

As said earlier, the unknown matter, we call it toxin or morbid matter, do deprive the body of its natural state, the health. The accumulated toxin creates some symptoms in the body. More so, the immunity (Vitality) does try to throw this out of the body.

If the dis-ease is because of the entering of some external elements into the body, like that of Germs, Bacteria ro Viruses; the immunity fights with them to overpower. Again, the fight does result into some bodily symptoms.

Symptoms are the signals of the disease, but not the causes of it. Therefore, treating or covering the symptoms, by any means or methods; could results into the bigger problems. Like covering a seed mostly results into the sprout, plant and then a big tree.

Health is the amalgam of Physical, Moral and Social planes of the individual. These plane are inter-dependent and, do effect one-another in all ways. Understanding the Root & the Route causes is utmost important and then only the permanent kind of solution to the health could be provided.

We, at Aum Heals, practice the holistic approach not only to eliminate the possible causes , but, to make the individual understand the real causes and their remedial solutions to keep him remain healthy forever, of his own.

We are different to the popular one.


To complete the above mission (not operation) we have a tech-tool (Mobile App), called as Health-Rebooter. It is primarily meant to communicate about the treatment and the feedback reports between our healers and the user on daily basis.

The flow of information does include the Pro-Healing acts, treatments, diet plan and the lifestyle improvements etc.; along with the prayer therapy to the Mother Nature.

Functions of Health-Rebooter:

  • Handy tool
    • It is accessible throughout the day to know the treatments and diet etc.
    • It is easy to record & report the problems.
    • It saves time, as the user does need not to consult the healer on phone all the time.
  • Convenient: It is convenient to the user as, whenever & wherever, he wants to be in touch with the healer.
  • Prompt feed: As all the required information, the user needs to furnish, are available on the screen; he just have to click on radio buttons and submit.
  • Good Guide: It proves to be all time handy instructor to guide the user to let him know how to perform an activity, more so, in a perfect way.
  • Records: It keeps all the records,
    • Which enables the healers to be more efficient and accurate for the suggestion of testament.
    • Which makes the user to pin point the activities, diet and/or other reasons to know their effect on the disease & health more particularly.

We Care, so Nature Cures

If you are suffering from any disease and need to get rid of it permanently, instead of getting just relief from it; then you are at liberty to contact us and we would be fortunate to care you for and Mother Nature could make you to return to health.

You can register with us online.

After getting registered, you would be provided with our Mobile App (Health-Rebooter), along with User ID & Password for private use. It would enable you to provide us your basic health, symptoms & dis-ease details. Our healer on board would suggest you treatment through Health-Rebooter, which you can follow and provide feed back through it only. If you are not aware how to perform the act, the Health-Rebooter would also assist you to learn how to do the same.

Blood, cells and other organ tissues do change in the body periodically. And all these are the processed outcomes of the input. If the body is provided & supported with right input, right style and right process; then the outcome would surely be the right one. Hence, anything wrong could be thrown out of body, naturally, ultimately. The mother nature blesses.