Mechanism of Healing


You are already informed that Health is the virtue of your body, disease is just the discomfort on account of something which comes in between called Toxins.

And the Intelligent-Defending-Killing force of the body, called Immunity, tries it's best to retain the status to the normalcy.

A lot many factors, much of which are not yet explored by the modren science, but do make us to feel their presence practically; do work in the process of health and disease.

How Toxin forms?

Physical toxin can be found in body in either state i.e. soil, liquid or gas. Toxin or morbid matter is formed in the body due to following reasons:

Metabolism : The word metabolism can also refer to the sum of all chemical reactions that occur in living organisms, including digestion and the transport of substances into and between different cells, After having the food eaten, the food is broken into its basic constituents through digestive system. The required constituent is absorbed by the system and some of it could be stored in for future utilization by the body. Whatever is the lefts over residue, forms toxin. However, the excretory organs are capable enough to throw this material out of the body, as soon as it forms. But at the few chances, due to many reasons, they do not. Then this toxin becomes the cause of the disease.

Up-set Mental Status : It is not only the food that digests, but the secretions of body organs do participate in chemical reaction of digestion. While under different emotions/ mental status the chemistry of the body do very. It ultimately disorders the secretion by the organs. If the quality, quantity or the proportion of these secretions is not proper, then the digestion/ assimilation would surely not be to the mark. Therefore, creating the toxin.

One should avoid eating the food while being angry, tense or sorrow etc.

Corrupted Inputs : Our physical body is nothing, but the result of our inputs like food, water or air etc. If the inputs itself is corrupted, then there is no doubt about the toxin formation. For example, Alum, an aluminum compound is used in many brands of pickles to increase the crispness. Aluminum has no place in human nutrition’s and may be harmful. The people who take this type of pickle or cook their food in aluminum pots are more prone to get effects by this aluminum compound, which we may call as toxin.

Similarly, other food products containing harmful elements, polluted air or polluted water, medicines (all medicines have side effects, of course, their effects might have not yet established) and blood transfusion etc. May be considered as toxin former.

Improper Habits : It seems a quiet odd to discuss the habits as toxin former. But in practical it is found that most of the habits, knowingly or unknowingly do help in this process of toxicity.

For example, if someone does not chew the food properly; then the crushing job of the teeth (which are hard enough to crush) would be performed by the stomach or intestine (which are soft lined & more venerable). Secondly, the carbohydrates, with the help of saliva, break up into glucose particles in the mouth itself; once not properly chewed, the unbroken part of it does not participate in further steps of chemical reaction. Therefore, become a load for the system, again we call it, toxin.

How Immunity works?

Immunity is the system, whose essential job is to distinguish self from not-self, to recognise and take appropriate action against any material that ought not to be in the body, including abnormal & damaged components. “For example it can seek out & destroy disease germs and cells infected by germs, as well as recognise & destroy tumor cells. In deciding what belongs to the body and what does not, the immune system pays particular attention to details of protein chemistry, because protein molecule are most distinctive and most specialised.

The immune system comprises the tonsils (glands in the throat), Adenoids, the thymus glands (situated behind breast bone), the lymph nodes throughout body, the bone marrow (the inner most part of the bone), the appendix (the junction of small intestine & colon) and the patches of lymphoid tissues in the intestine tract.

The young science of psychoneuroimmunology is demonstrating the interconnections of mind, nervous system and immune system. In many cases the connections are chemical, with small protein molecules called peptides being the messengers that take information from cell to cell. It is clear that the nervous, immune and endocrine system of in constant biochemical communication, wherever nerves are, and the activities of the mind can travel.

What causes the immunity of weaken? Let us know. Besides up-set mental status, corrupted inputs & improper habits; all that cause the toxin to form, as discussed in the last article, there are the few things more the discuss. Here they are.

Radiation Hazard: Ionizing radiation, the kind that is energetic enough to know the electrons out of their orbits, can damage the DNA (the basic molecule of life that makes that genes, it contains the encoded instructions for building cell & tissues and organs), causing mutations that can lead to cancer or weakening of immunity.

Therefore, one must avoid X-ray and scans etc. until unless it becomes essential. Chemical Exposure: Some compounds interact with DNA directly, causing mutation & starting cells on the road to malignant transformation. For example, Coal Tar and tobacco smokes are believed to be in this category.

Of course, it takes years (five to thirty years) together to know the effect of chemical on immune system. It also burdens the liver, which performs around 500 jobs alone for the body.

Antibiotic: Whenever the immune system deals successfully with infection, it develops stronger by experience and better to fight similar threats in future. If at the initial stage, on jumps in which antibiotics, he does not give the system a chance to test itself and grow strong. On the hand, it weakens the system.

Immune-suppressive Drugs: Steroids have a powerful effect on metabolism Steroids make allergies and inflammation to disappear as if by magic. In fact, the magic in nothing other than direct suppression of immune faction of the body.

Disease is a Friend..

Being not at ease is dieses; toxin is the cause; which is formed due to upset mental status, corrupted input & wrong habits; immunity scans & throws the unwanted material out of the body; was discussed in last articles in details.

Now moving ahead. In routine, out four excretory organs are there to clean the body. One the lungs exhale the carbon dioxide the impurities of blood. Two the kindly flow out urine the filtered waste of blood. Three the intestines throw out the waste (stool) the now utilized food residues. And fourth the skin sweats out the toxins through its pores. This process continues smoothly until the load of waste is within the limits, of these excretory organs. But, if the load increases or the efficiency of the organs decreases, then it causes the accumulation of the waste in our body.

This accumulation provides favorable conditions to the non-friendly germs to multiply their strength. But, on the other hand it triggers the immunity to take appropriate action i.e. cleansing at higher level through these organs itself in particular. These organs do co-operate each other and try to make their back log zero. Therefore, as a result the symptoms like loose motion or other digestive disturbances, more frequent urination, foul smell in breath and skin eruptions do appear.

Again, if these efforts are not enough to cope the load accumulated load formation, then other organs do participate in this cleansing process at all level in order to survive, Hence, the symptoms like flowing nose (cold), cough, inflammation, vomiting and fever etc do occur. This effort of immunity, which results into the above mentioned symptoms are known as acute diseases worldwide. Logically, and in fact, these acute diseases are our friends.

If we keep on following the route of toxin formation or suppress these symptoms with the help of medicines or otherwise; then surely, we are not only opposing our own immunity’s efforts buy also supporting the enemy germs to become strong as well. As a result of which the disease like Arthritis, asthma, piles, stones, Nephritis, Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart disease, Typhoid, Ulcers, Eczema, psoriasis, jaundice, TB and cancer etc do come into existence. These are called chronic diseases.

The word ‘Chronic’ (lasting a long time) itself defines the disease. Practically too, I have not seen a single patient to whom the chronic disease has attacked suddenly. The word ‘sudden’ can never be applicable to chronic of fatal disease. Of course it may burst out suddenly. But, it is a long process of accumulation of toxin and transformation into chronic disease via acute diseases.

Now concluding those diseases do not come to us of their own, but are invited, knowingly or unknowingly by us through our activities. In the initial stage (the acute) diseases are friendly-organs are putting extra efforts to cope up without faults and giving us a chance to look into the correct the cause of it. In the later stage, they become foe or fatal, if not cured according to the de4mand of immunity-the natural process of healing.

Detoxification Helps!

When the body uses its inherent power to throw the muck (toxin) out of it, by making the best use of its four excretery organs i.e. Intestine, kidneys, lungs and the skin; then the excretery organs, during this process, do get overflowed like flooded rivers.

You may call the outcome of the process as the diseases by the names; like cold, cough, loose motion, polyuria, fever, headache, other aches, vomiting, boils, skin eruptions and many more like this. This situation seems like a crises to the health . But, it is not, as all the unwanted is flowing out.

Detoxification is Pro-immunity methodical-endeavour, which could include, but not is limited to; the cleansing acts, roughage-full diet, increased water-intake, sitting in the sun/steam or taking hourly sponge bath etc.

Detoxification is like providing a *Khurpa like tool to bare-handed gardener, striving to take the weed out of the garden. Sometimes, on account of longer duration of accumulation, the toxin acquires the chronic stage like that of a tree-stump, very difficult to remove, then detoxification process must be armed with ^excavator, the scheduled,systematic and strategic approach to de-root the stubborn toxin out.
*(a trowel like hand tool, used to dig the soil for gardening etc.) ^(a digging machine, generally used in buidling-construction)

When an individual, independently or with the help of some healer; does adopt this Detoxification endeavour, then he promotes & supports the body's cleansing-out efforts through all means and returns to health, ultimately.

Mind-Body Intervention

There are well known examples, like snake or rope, with respect to flight or fight actions of the body, which clearly show the relation between the psycho and physic.

The fact is that mind accepts and body follows. Where mind goes energy follows. Mind is like the headquarter of the organisation where the commands and other orders are communicated (through spine) to the last man (cell) of the organisation via different regional offices (organs).

The role of mind is supreme while talking about disease and health in true words. Any disease could be thrown out of the body, if mind makes its mind to do so.